Patenting AI: The new trend among innovative businesses

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The race for patenting and protecting the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is on. An increasing number of UK businesses are applying to patent their intellectual property related to the use of AI. This trend has been emphasized by ip21, one of the leading providers of intellectual property (IP) law services.

Artificial intelligence refers to the technologies used to gather, perceive, and process information to make intelligent decisions and create useful outputs. Common applications for AI include analysing large volumes of data, modelling scenarios to see likely outcome predictions, and many more.

“AI provides the opportunity to both speed up processes and gain a competitive advantage. Patenting your use of AI ensures no one else can benefit from your innovation without your authority,” says our Commercial Director, Richard Jones.

AI began to gain wide popularity at the start of this century and, in January 2022, the UK government estimated that more than 15% of British businesses already directly use AI technology.

As well as helping an increasing number of our clients legally protect their application of technology, ip21 forms close relationships with those enabling businesses to put AI to practice.

One of the global leaders in this area is Blindspot AI, a software development company that enables startups and enterprises to harness the power of AI through both adaptable ready-made software and the development of bespoke AI-powered solutions.

They help businesses to use AI for applications including planning and workforce scheduling, logistics optimisation, customer support automation, intelligent video analysis, fraud detection, and recently also, generative AI utilization.

“AI brings to businesses a huge competitive edge allowing them to increase efficiency, accelerate growth and boost the value of their product or services. The progress over the last few years has been staggering and keeping up with the technology trends is essential to the future growth and survival of many companies.” says Ondrej Vanek, co-founder and CEO of Blindspot AI.

From their base in Prague, Blindspot AI have delivered over two hundred software projects utilizing AI to clients all over the world, including ŠKODA AUTO, MAHLE, or Barum Continental but also to startups such as Socialbakers and many more.

With an increasing number of clients in the UK, their association with ip21 helps us work together to give businesses a competitive advantage through AI and legally protect it.

“What Blindspot AI have delivered for their clients is often game-changing. Working together, we can provide UK businesses with easy access to AI innovation and ensure they can fully exploit it as a secure commercial asset,” adds Richard.

Here at ip21, we work closely with organisations to manage their IP, including securing protection such as patents and trademarks, valuing IP assets, licensing commercial use to third parties and defending or litigating contentious IP cases.

As well as UK protection, we have extensive experience successfully protecting and licensing IP in countries and territories worldwide, including Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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