'Normal for 2020' Business Reactions Series - Richard Jones' interview with Arnolds Keys

RJ Interview

ip21's Richard Jones recently took part in Arnolds Keys' 'Normal for 2020' Business reactions series discussing how businesses have adapted to commercial life during the Covid-19 pandemic. Richard was interviewed by Arnolds Keys partners Tom Corfield and Mark Mayhew, and topics included:

  • the initial impact of the national lockdown and enforced home working;
  • re-opening ip21's offices under employee consultation;
  • mental health and wellbeing across the company;
  • positive internal changes that will continue to benefit the business going forward;
  • how innovative businesses amongst ip21's clients have started launching post-covid products and services;
  • the government support packages and how ip21 was able to use them;
  • the challenges of long term planning and business development.

You can watch the full interview here

Thanks to Mark Mayhew, Tom Corfield and Tanya Chapman for their work on the series.