Tech Innovators Part 3: Facebook

15 Facebook

This is the third in a brief series of articles looking at what kind of technology some of the world’s leading tech innovators are developing, and this part focusses on Facebook.

Facebook is continuing to enhance its user experience by filing numerous patents on the topic of content generation, specifically how to improve the targeting of advertisements, how content that may be mutually of interest to two or more connected users can be displayed interactively and how embedded content and videos can be better accessed across multiple electronic devices.

Slightly further from its core business Facebook has also filed a patent for wearable technology, specifically a flexible strap system for a head-mounted smartphone display suggesting that Facebook may be planning to launch a version of its platform that can be viewed/navigated through a virtual reality head mount.

Given the amount of R&D that goes on in these companies no doubt some of these projects will not proceed to commercialization, but those that do may soon be appearing on our devices.

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Richard Jones, Business Relationship Manager for ip21 Ltd.