Why ip21?

About ip21

The ip21 brand is a simple, modern derivation of “Intellectual Property Services for the 21st Century.” The firm’s founders set out to establish an IP Law Firm that could advise its clients how best to protect, enforce and exploit IP Assets to achieve competitive advantage and peace of mind.

The firm employs a broad mix of experienced IP professionals to deliver this commercially focused, holistic advice.

The company’s guiding principles are:

  • To deliver first-class legal services to its clients professionally, responsively and in a way which builds goodwill inside and outside the organisation.
  • To advise its clients in an open and understandable way, and within the context of their ultimate commercial objectives.
  • To develop the next generation of commercial IP professionals by regularly taking on new recruits and by training all its staff to acquire an extensive commercial skillset.
  • To actively engage with the local business community and to develop best practice IP services that are fit for purpose in a competitive, increasingly globalised and constantly evolving market.

Whilst founded in 2000, ip21’s predecessor firm had been in East Anglia since 1980 and the firm’s London office has been in practice since 1908.

This long history of successful practice provides a rich heritage of experience to draw upon as ip21 drives its culture for continuous improvement and builds for the future. Please see our timeline at the bottom of this page for the firm’s full history.

Now with more than two decades of operating in its current form, the firm has grown to occupy four offices in the UK, represent over 3,500 clients, manage an international network of over 500 overseas associates and has protected key IP assets for some of the world’s biggest brand owners and product developers.

What we do

  • Understand every aspect of your business, and how IP fits within it
  • Exploit the IP registration systems and processes to optimal effect
  • Accurately budget for IP expenditure to help you run your business
  • Negotiate, mediate and litigate contentious IP cases
  • Advise on IP matters during M&A negotiations
  • Assist in the sale/licensing/disposal of IP assets
  • Analyse your competitors’ IP activities
  • Maximise the value of your IP Portfolio
  • Help you to exploit IP tax incentives

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