Clearance Searches

If you’re about to invest in IP protection or already have existing IP assets, a clearance search is a form of due diligence that can help to identify any risks you need to know about in your realm of commercial or technical operation. Contact us today if you need a clearance search for a new or existing IP asset or a wider commercial/technical field.

Reasons for instructing clearance searches

A clearance search, or ‘freedom to operate’ as it is commonly known, is a review of a brand, product or service against UK, European or International IP registers. It provides you with the information needed to assess how strong or vulnerable your intellectual property rights are, or would be, in the market and the countries that you are, or would be, trading in.

Instructing a clearance search is recommended if you’re planning to invest in IP protection as it can flag up any potential issues, infringements and barriers to registration before you invest your money into drafting, filing and prosecuting IP rights.

If you have already secured IP assets, a clearance search can help to mitigate risks via a review that can tell you how strong or vulnerable those assets are.

Commercial market searches looking at a wider commercial or technical field can also be conducted to locate potential licensees/licensors, analyse your competitors’ development activities or identify gaps in the market to exploit.

Types of clearance searches

There are many searches that can be done to review and assess the position of your IP assets and ip21 are highly specialised in each. We can handle all searches and we carefully define their scope and requirements depending on your objectives, timescale and budget.

Trade mark searches 

Our experienced team can deliver and analyse trade mark searches, advising on the trade marks that have been registered previously, as well as those that are currently in use in your particular field. 

Patents searches

Drawing on a combination of national and international databases, ip21 can evaluate the potential of your idea being patented in its own right or whether, patent or no patent, you should even consider making it in the face of what is around and potentially enforceable against you. 

Design searches

ip21 can check, analyse and advise on design searches, whether it’s an artistic or commercial design in nature, or indeed a combination of both.

Market searches

We have access to market-leading technology that lets us search and analyse entire fields of technology globally, or in a specific country/region, to help support and develop your commercial IP strategy.

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