Registered Designs

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Protecting products with registered design rights

A design registration is a legal right that prevents products with a unique visual appearance from being made, used or sold without the owner’s permission. 

Design registrations can cover visual features including the shape, contours, texture, colours, materials and ornamentation that have been applied. It can also cover ornamentation alone, such as a design pattern for applying to a product, as well as logos and graphic icons. 

Registered design rights protect solely the visual appearance of a product, or aspects of it, and are not to be confused with registered trade marks which protect brands or patents which protect technical innovation.

If obtaining design rights for a product, it’s important to know that the design must be new in order for your application to be successful. You should also ensure design rights are applied for before your design enters the public domain. Whilst some countries, including the UK, allow a short grace period for design registration post public unveiling, many countries do not. Our team of IP specialists can help to advise and guide you in this regard.

Reasons for registering designs

Design registrations give their owners the legal right to stop others making, selling, or importing products having the same or similar appearance. Registered design rights are valuable business assets that can be sold, transferred and licensed to third parties in return for royalties.

Please remember that a registered design obtained in the UK will protect your product in the UK only. In order to protect your product’s design overseas, European or International design systems will need to be explored. This is strongly recommended if you plan to trade abroad, as without this, anyone can legally make, use or sell your design in those countries; and you could unwittingly be infringing someone else's rights over there.

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