IP Strategy

A clear IP strategy can help to align your IP assets to your business objectives. If you’re in need of strategic direction for IP protection, contact us today. We can help to formulate an IP strategy to clarify business thinking, smooth processes and achieve optimal IP protection.

Strategy for IP success 

IP strategies are formulated to ensure a smooth and structured acquisition and management of intellectual property assets. They can help you to understand the true costs, risks and benefits of IP protection, drive profitability and provide a clear long term view to successfully achieve your commercial objectives.

Whilst diving straight into making an application for IP protection might seem appealing, it’s important to consider the bigger picture. IP rights are valuable business assets and if implemented correctly, an IP strategy can help you to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and make best use of your budget.

Do you need an IP strategy?

If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, an IP strategy will be beneficial. ip21’s professional IP attorneys are experienced in IP strategy formation and are adept at market research, enforcement and defence advice, competitor assessments, international considerations and more. 

1. You may be deciding on a branding policy for your next product or service. Your final proposed trade mark selection will need to be checked, not only for your freedom to use it, but for its registration. You will need to decide which markets to register your mark in, how you will enforce it, and how you will instruct your employees/partners to favourably position it. 

2. You may be preparing to buy or sell part or all of a company, including IP assets, or be planning the best way to exploit the current IP tax incentives to minimise your Corporation Tax bill.

3. You may have a patent in which you think someone else is contravening and require advice to decide on the best way to positively resolve the situation whilst considering all of the circumstances at the time.

4. You may have come up with a really striking design and hope it can be eligible for the vastly longer term of copyright protection than is allowed for the restricted registered or unregistered design right period.

5. You may want to watch your competition to know what they are doing (and in good time), whether you want to oppose any trade marks they are trying to protect or be made aware of the field of their latest research and development investment.

We can help devise an IP strategy that suits your needs in all these instances, as well as many other situations that require a clear commercially focused strategy.

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