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Valuing your intellectual property

Intellectual property rights are potentially valuable business assets that can be bought, sold and licensed. With this in mind, and considering the typical investment in development and registration to obtain them, you may wish to put a value on your IP assets. 

In short, valuing your intellectual property will tell you the financial worth of those assets. You may wish to value a standalone IP asset such as a patent, trade mark or design, or a whole portfolio of intellectual property rights. Valuing IP is not an easy task, though; many factors need consideration and assessment during an IP valuation. 

Reasons for IP valuations

An IP valuation may be needed to help negotiate the sale or licensing of a specific IP asset or to establish a fair value when seeking funding, undergoing joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, or even during bankruptcy.

It can also be used to help release money from a pension fund, bolster your balance sheet and to justify or resist a movement in your share price.

Intellectual property rights can alter in value as a result of changes not only in your business, but in the market you operate. An independent valuation is your way of telling whether your IP assets are potentially very valuable or in fact less so at any given time.

ip21’s valuation methodology

Our valuation methodology has been formed on decades of in-depth knowledge and experience as IP lawyers. We always take into account practical business factors whilst separating the IP asset of focus from any influencing factors that can’t directly be transferred with it. We consider the ‘real cost’ of your IP assets and build it into a series of models which also consider relevant legal and market factors. 

This approach is often particularly applicable when valuing IP assets that are at an early stage of commercialisation, and therefore may not yet have clearly attributable revenue generation figures. In these situations, conventional accounting valuations such as discounted cash flow models may produce a value close to zero when realistically that is not the case. 

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