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If you need to take legal action or are on the receiving end of a disagreement involving intellectual property (IP) rights, contact us today. When IP disputes arise, our experience in negotiation, mediation and litigation is second to none. 

IP mediation

Facing IP disputes, like any commercial conflict, can be an overwhelming experience but rest assured ip21 can guide you through the entire dispute resolution process. With careful advice, strategy, planning and negotiations, most disputes don't need to reach the courts.

When it comes to mediation, our experienced team of IP practitioners will always analyse the true strength of the situation and apply specialist skills in negotiation with the overriding aim of keeping our clients out of the courts if at all possible.

In cases like these, a settlement is produced and accepted by both parties. With the costs of contesting court proceedings being so far beyond most businesses capacity to absorb nowadays, a negotiated and properly recorded documented agreement is almost always preferable in practice.

Taking or receiving legal action

For most, the first indication of a dispute brewing is the arrival of a lawyer’s letter threatening court action for an infringement. It could also be that you are the one sending the letter to stop a competitor infringing your rights. If a commercial agreement can’t be reached, the dispute may have to be settled in the courts.

Where court proceedings become necessary, ip21 has strong links with specialist barristers who have many years success in this field. This, coupled with the broad experience of our team of IP attorneys, means that ip21 can act for you in any IP disputes and in any technical field.

There are many routes for dispute resolution, including ones offered by the UK Intellectual Property Office, the Dispute Resolution Forum, individual specialist arbitrators, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) and even the High Court. ip21 has litigation and mediation experience with each of these.

Contact us now for experienced legal support in IP litigation and mediation.

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