Trade Marks

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Registering trade marks for brand protection

A trade mark is a legal right that is used to distinguish a brand from its competition whilst preventing its identity from being copied or misused. Trade marks are usually names, logos, signs, symbols or graphics that are used by a company to sell specific goods and services.

In order to register a trade mark, a brand must meet a set of criteria set out by the UK Intellectual Property Office. The application must also include a clear specification of the goods and services provided by the company to define the true scope of the protection sought.

It is advisable to search the trade mark register before filing an application as this can help to uncover any potential infringement risks, as well as provide advance warning of any obstacles to registration.

Reasons for registering trade marks

Registering a trade mark allows the owner to take legal action against those who use the brand without permission. It also protects trade mark owners from counterfeiters and anyone who starts trading in a confusingly similar style in their industry. This includes the online marketplace where registered trade marks can help acquire ownership of domain names and Google AdWords.

Registered trade marks are also important business assets that can be sold, transferred and/or licensed in return for royalties.

A UK registered trade mark protects you in the UK market only, but almost all countries have similar trade mark systems to protect international brand owners. Exporters and multinationals often choose to register trade marks in the majority, if not all, of their key international markets; and this is strongly recommended for optimal brand protection.

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