Ed Clarke
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Ed Clarke



Ed is a Senior UK and European patent attorney with almost 20 years’ industry experience. Ed’s background is physics, graduating with an MPhys from the University of Manchester.

Throughout Ed’s career he has been advising early-stage businesses and first-time patent applicants, and assisting them with developing their IP strategy alongside the technical work of drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications. Ed has also worked with social enterprises, universities, more established businesses and multinationals and understands the differences in approach needed by businesses at different development stages to align IP strategy and wider commercial objectives.

Advising clients on a wide range of technologies, from mechanical inventions to AI and blockchain, Ed is especially interested in assisting with the protection and exploitation of innovations in the green technology fields which will help address environmental issues and lead to sustainable development for us all.

Supporting that, Ed is a member of AIPPI’s Green Technology committee and regularly attends the AIPPI Congress. Ed is also a member of the Examination Committee for the EQE Examination Board of the European Patent Office and has experience training patent attorney trainees through professional exams to qualification.

Ed is a Director of ip21, heads up our London office and is our lead on Unitary Patent Court matters

What Ed’s clients say about him:

“I must thank you for all your hard work and perseverance on my behalf, the Certificate of Grant document is something that I can be proud of attaining; which I could not possibly have done without you. Your ability to grasp the concept that I was trying to patent helped me persevere in the face of the European Examiner’s complete absence of understanding. It was truly a pleasure to work with you!” – Ted Elmer