Dr Lauren Mills
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Dr Lauren Mills


IP Specialist

Lauren holds a BSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Newcastle University. During her time at Newcastle, she was a member of the University’s iGEM Team which partakes in an internationally recognized annual biology competition. This gave her an insight into the world of synthetic biology, as well as industrial commercialisation. Her PhD was carried out at the University of East Anglia, which involved optimising industrially relevant cyanobacterial species for use within biotechnology. She holds an impressive list of academic publications from her four years in research, ranging from in-depth analysis of cellular metabolism through to optimizing conditions in industrial bioreactors using machine learning algorithms.

Thanks to her PhD sponsors, the BBSRC, she was able to partake in a 3 month internship during her studies with ip21 Ltd which enabled her to experience the world of intellectual property and patent protection. Lauren then joined ip21 at the start of 2023 as an Intellectual Property Specialist.