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Copyright protection 

A copyright prevents original pieces of work from being copied, replicated, adapted, circulated or used without the owner’s permission. You automatically get copyright protection when you create original literature, software, music, photography, design, films and more.

Whilst copyright protection is automatically generated, you must be able to verify your rights should there be an infringement or dispute. This is because in the UK, there is no registration system for copyrighted materials, meaning you’ll need independent verification to prove your copyright is lawful. 

Verifying your copyright

We provide a copyright storage archive for your utmost peace of mind. ip21’s service provides safe storage complete with a verifiable date stamp and receipt of your copyrighted materials.

In a case of copyright disputes, this service evidences that your materials have been archived and stored with ip21 to prove you’re the original creator of the material and the date of creation. Be it a copyrighted photo, design, piece of music or architect plans, through to computer code, film or text, we can store your materials on an annually renewable basis.

In a dispute, this service can help to prove that someone else has copied you or provide a defence against someone who is accusing you of infringing their rights. This often-overlooked layer of protection is not expensive and provides content creators the ability to enforce their legal rights.

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