IP Due Diligence


IP Due Diligence

We have the expertise to assist with mergers & acquisitions of businesses. Whether you’re aiming to buy or sell, contact us today to find out about the bespoke support that we can provide.

Support for Buyers

Our attorneys will help you throughout the acquisition process.

  • We have the expertise to analyse publicly available information, as well as details shared in the target’s data room, to ensure that you are well-placed to evaluate the opportunities & risks of the deal that’s on offer.
  • We will check that the IP is owned by the target business, and also review any licence agreements that are already in place.
  • We can provide an opinion on the value of the IP assets, and check what scope of protection is provided by the IP assets. 
  • Our freedom to operate service will identify vulnerabilities of the target business to litigation, as well as opportunities to mitigate that risk.
  • Our invention harvesting service will identify ways for you to further develop the target’s IP portfolio, once the acquisition has been completed.

Support for Sellers

We’re here to support you in preparing for the sale, during the negotiations, and beyond.

  • Our attorneys will advise on building up your IP portfolio and the value of your IP assets, as you prepare to seek investment in your business.
  • We’ll advise on information that’s to be included in your data room, and prepare non-disclosure agreements for third parties that you permit to have access to any of your confidential information.
  • We will check the status and ownership of the IP, so that this can be demonstrated to the seller.
  • When you receive queries received from prospective buyers, we’ll support you by recommending how you respond.
  • We’ll attend to completing the sale & licensing of IP assets, by arranging for all of the legal documents to be prepared & recorded.

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