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Patenting for protection 

Patents are legal rights that prevent new and original inventions from being made, used or sold without the owner’s permission.

Patent law is a complicated subject and ip21’s patent attorneys help explain the entire process and advise on the appropriate options. There are strict rules on what can and cannot be patented and the first step is to ensure your invention is patent eligible.

You may qualify for a patent if you’re an inventor of a technology, scientific method, product or process that is new and helps to solve a problem. Your invention doesn’t need to be high-tech, cutting-edge or complex though, as even simple devices can secure, and benefit from, patent protection.

If you’re considering a patent, it’s essential to know that an application must be made before the invention has launched into the public domain. If your invention is known to the public, is too similar to an existing product, or is sold before your patent filing date, it may not be patentable. 

Once your application has been filed, you are free to disclose your invention and sell it alongside a ‘patent pending’ notice.

Reasons for patenting your invention 

Patent owners have exclusive rights over their inventions and can legally stop others commercialising them without their permission, whether that’s using, manufacturing, importing or selling them. 

Both granted and pending patents are highly valuable business assets that can be sold, transferred and/or licensed to third parties in return for royalties.

If you are granted a UK patent, do understand that this protects your invention in the UK market only. In order to protect your invention overseas, you will need to obtain European or International patents. This is strongly recommended if you plan to sell or license your invention abroad, as without this, anyone can legally make, use or sell your invention in those countries.

The patenting process can take several years to complete but rest assured that your patent rights are enforceable from your initial filing date.

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