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Licensing agreements

A licence is an agreement between an IP owner and another party that permits the licensee to do something that, without the licence, would be an infringement. 

Licenses can cover patents, trade marks, copyrighted material, registered and unregistered designs and even technical know-how, in any combination and suited to a number of circumstances. They can be limited to one or more territories and define certain fields of activity, timescales and tie-in arrangements. With this in mind it’s easy to see why it is essential that a licence agreement is drafted, negotiated and executed correctly.

IP licensing is a complex subject and it is strongly recommended that any individual looking to enter a contract seeks professional legal advice. ip21’s team of specialist IP practitioners can advise on all aspects of licensing having acted for licensors and licensees for several decades.

Reasons for licensing IP

As a licensor, a licensing agreement can help to monetise and grow your business. It allows you to form contracts with third parties, allowing them to use your IP assets in exchange for a flat fee or royalties.

It also increases the market exposure of your IP assets as they are commercialised by your licensee(s), and makes your IP portfolio more valuable by demonstrating its commercial worth. When done correctly, it can provide a valuable source of revenue with the reassurance of legal rights that protect your IP.

As a licensee, a licensing agreement can give you access to market-leading technology or branding that may be restricted to your competitors, exclusive rights to commercialise an IP asset in a new territory or access to industry-specific expertise. All without the risk and upfront financial investment of developing the IP yourself.

In addition to licence agreements, our team can advise on franchising agreements, which although just another form of licence, have a number of other formalities that require specialist advice. We have the capabilities and skills to produce licence documentation as simple, or as complex, as the situation requires. 

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