Smells like Mean Spirit - Nirvana and Marc Jacobs in copyright dispute

45 Nirvana Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has counter-sued Nirvana in the latest round of their legal conflict over a smiley face logo that was originally used by the band. The original court action by Nirvana against Jacobs alleged that the designer adapted the band's logo without permission or licence and his actions were 'fraudulent and malicious' and 'threaten to dilute the value of Nirvana's licences' by taking trade away from the band's official merchandise.

In Jacobs' recent counter-action his lawyers state that Jacobs' designs differ significantly to the one used by the band and that Nirvana's supposed ownership of the copyright in the design is not accurate as it cannot be proved who actually created it.

Admissions from the band's surviving members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic that they don't know who created the design have fuelled doubts that it may not have been band member Kurt Cobain as originally believed.

Richard Jones, Operations Manager for ip21 Ltd

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45 Nirvana Marc Jacobs
Nirvana T-shirt (L) and Marc Jacobs T-shirt (R)